Those Who Wish Me Dead

Категория: Актуальное в мире
Создано 19.01.2022

Hannah is a fire warden. In the past, the heroine was a rescuer in the paratroop squad, but left her previous position because she was tormented by guilt over the death of her colleagues. During the next shift, Hanna sees a boy who is scared half to death, who is running away from someone - or from something.

When Hanna manages to get to the child, he reveals that his name is Connor and he is trying to hide from the killers, who want to remove him as an unnecessary witness. The boy involuntarily saw how these people killed his father.

Prior to the tragedy, Connor had been told by his father that if he got into trouble, he needed to find someone he could trust. Now the boy goes on the run with Hannah to break away from his pursuers. However, a fire breaks out in the forest, Hanna will have to apply all her knowledge of survival in the wild.

Those Who Wish Me Dead is a dramatic thriller created by American and Canadian filmmakers on The television tape was directed by Taylor Sheridan, an Oscar nominee.

The leading role in the action-packed television picture went to two-time Oscar winner Angelina Jolie. Most of the scenes were filmed in the American cities of Albuquerque and Hispaniola.


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