Wrath of Man

Категория: Актуальное в мире
Создано 04.10.2021

Los Angeles. During the attack on the collector van, two guards are killed, and the criminals are hiding in an unknown direction with the stolen money. After a while, the mysterious and laconic man Patrick gets a job in the same collection company.

He goes on his mission, during which another robbery takes place. Patrick deals with the bandits and becomes a hero. But a man is not at all interested in fame or recognition, because he pursues his own goals.

The motion picture Human Wrath is a nonton movie 21 online English-language remake of the 2004 French tape The Collector. This is Guy Ritchie's fourth project to feature Jason State. In one of his interviews, the actor admitted that if he had to work only in Richie's films for the rest of his life, he would be unusually happy.

Filming began in November and took place in London and Los Angeles. It is curious that before the start of production of the film Gentlemen, the director gathered all the performers for a rehearsal. Preparations for the film were carried out in the same way this time.

The director received a rough draft of the film, and later it was easier for him to bring every scene of the picture to perfection. Guy Ritchie called this shooting preparation technique a black box.


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