CCTV security cameras

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Distributor CCTV (analogue) surveillance cameras are in demand in residential buildings and in many commercial areas as an important security system tool. Modern models are distinguished by functionality, ease of use, wide choice and affordable cost.

Key advantages and features of CCTV surveillance cameras:

    A coaxial cable is used to connect equipment and transfer data. It is known for its low cost and high immunity to interference that occurs in other systems due to external factors.
    To connect CCTV cameras, a combined cable is suitable, which combines a channel for transmitting information and powering equipment.
    The devices have all the basic necessary options, and many models are endowed with a rich set of additional functionalities.
    Analog CCTV cameras can be connected to hybrid DVRs along with digital equipment.
    Video signal transmission via coaxial cable can be organized at a distance of up to 500 meters. This figure is several times higher than that of a twisted pair line. The length of the line can be increased three times more with the help of intermediate amplifiers and the appropriate cable.

The modern variety of models of analog cameras makes it easy to find a device with optimal performance for solving any, even the most non-standard tasks. Data transfer protocols enable the user not only to receive audio and video signals, but also to remotely control the servos to adjust the viewing angle, and view information from the built-in sensors.

Most CCTV security cameras work on the basis of the AHD protocol. It is an open platform used by many vehicle manufacturers. Versatility, easy conversion and correction of incoming data are one of the main advantages of the AHD format. Other strengths of the platform:

  •     easy and quick integration into a local computer network;
  •     the ability to use a cloud service to store archived records;
  •     Internet connection support;
  •     high speed audio and video signal processing;
  •     the ability to implement motion identification using the program;
  •     availability of software solutions for the implementation of various additional options: prompt identification of problems in the CCTV camera, designation of closed areas within the radius of the lens.

Thanks to the advantages of the AHD format, on the basis of one device, you can create a whole hardware complex of different types of video surveillance cameras, sensors and other devices. The platform is open, that is, the technology developer can make changes to its algorithm, supplement the basic capabilities with useful and unique options.


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